Monday, April 13, 2020

COVID19 + Blog Tag!

Hello Readers! 

This is a crazy time in our world. So many things are getting canceled or postponed, (like my wisdom teeth removal that was supposed to happen, wouldn't say I'm really disappointed about that though 😜). I am sad that my church is canceled, and that I can't just ask my friends if they want to hang out. 

Alright, onto the tag! 

My lovely friend and fellow blogger Maple at Maple Quill Penning Magic tagged me for the 'Social Distancing Support Tag.' So with no further ado...

The Rules:

1) Thank the blogger who tagged you and link back to them, as well as back to Within The Static
Thank you Maple! 🍁

2) Answer the tag questions

Will do!

3) Tag 3-5 bloggers

Serenity at Not So Enchanted Light

Rose at In The Shadows Saga

Sarah at The Sarcastic Elf

Penny Wood at Jane Austen's Lightsaber

The Questions:

1. What’s your current attitude toward COVID-19 and social distancing (honestly)?

I'm not sure yet, it really hasn't affected me that much... I'm usually bothered when it bothers my friends... and I wish I could be with them...

2. Has your schedule become busier or more open as a result of social distancing?

It hasn't changed a whole lot, besides piano and voice lessons being canceled... so more open I guess.

3. If you were public schooled before COVID hit, how has your experience with homeschooling been (whatever that looks like for you)?

I'm homeschooled already, so moving to the next question. 

4. If you were already homeschooled, how has COVID affected you or not?

Not much has changed... just the regular school... 

5. How are you staying connected with people?

I'm not really... I text a friend every so often... but she's busy... soooo I'm kinda on my own... but I do want to reach out to her and others more. 

6. How do you wish people would connect with you?

I think getting a letter, email, or just someone reaching out however they want to... just someone caring enough to show it. 

7. What has been the most difficult part of social distancing?

The most difficult would be having 'extra' time and not being able to share it with friends...

8. Have any blessings come out of it?

The blessings have been, hanging out as a family and finding new and different ways to spend time together. 

9. What’s been most encouraging to you through social distancing?

That God is always there, no matter what. 

10. Have you learned anything new or made any accomplishments during this time? (Even small ones)

Umm not yet, but if it keeps going I'll have a published book by the end sooo does that count???

11. Is there anything you want to achieve or learn or do before social distancing ends?

I'd like to do some reading... finish some books that got put on life hold. 

There ya go, hope you enjoyed!


Mattie May

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your answers! :D Thanks for taking time to do the tag!
    ~ Maple