Wednesday, April 15, 2020


Hello Readers! 

Today I wanted to tell you something that you will read in my novel. It has to do with a kitten. I love kittens; they are sweet, fluffy and just all in all adorable, so of course, I had to put a kitten in my novel. 

I've had several kittens and cats in the past few years. A few have run away and a few have died. One of the hardest kitten deaths for me was a kitten called Pit-A-Pat, she was the cutest of the litter and was super sweet. I was really upset when I found out. My grandma suggested that I write about Pit-a-Pat to help calm me down. At the time, I just sobbed over a notepad and wrote everything I loved about that kitten. I had come to nickname her Pitter-Patter, because whenever I went into the carport, she would run up to me. 

When I was drafting my novel, I wanted to put something in there to remind me of Pitter-Patter, thus Raindrop was born. 

Raindrop is a combination of Pitter-Patter's colors and the personality or our other kitties, Black Donald and Teddy Bear. They both have sweet personalities and love to sit on laps. 

So now that I've told you all about sweet Raindrop you may read the excerpt below:

 "No one seemed to notice that Walter had left until Angie glanced around. “Where did Walter go?” She asked hesitantly.
“I’m right here,” he said coming from the direction of the road. He had a small box in his hand. “I just wanted to bring you all a little gift,” he said.
“Who me?” Angie asked, turning to him.
“Yes, Angie,” he said, as he passed her the box.
“May I open it Pa?” she asked.
“Yes, dear,” Philip replied. Angie set the box down and fell to her knees to open it. After breaking the loose seal, she pulled the lid off. A small meow told the rest of the onlookers what was inside. Angie reached into the box and pulled out a fluffy gray and white kitten. She gasped. Angie had never had any pets. Walter cleared his throat.
“I thought it might be useful to guard against the various rodents that we get around here,” he explained.
“I see,” Philip said, musing.
“What should I call her,” Angie asked, stroking the kitten’s soft fur.
“I don’t know Angie,” Josie said. “What color are her eyes?” she asked.
“They are blue, see” Angie said, holding the kitten up so her mother could look into its bright blue eyes.
“How about Raindrop,” Walter suggested, he had hoped whoever took over the mission would have a child so he could give them the sweetest kitten of the litter.

“I like that one,” Angie said, taking the ribbon out of her hair and using it as a toy for the kitten. “Do you like the name Raindrop,” she whispered to it. “I do, did you know that I am going to be a big sister soon? Yes, sir, a big sister,” she whispered to Raindrop. “Thank you,” she said, looking into Walter’s blue eyes."

Well, that's all for now, I'm planning on doing a cover reveal for my novel on Saturday. You can check it out at on my Facebook page The Blossoming Writer.

Mattie May, The Blossoming Writer

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  1. That's such a sweet excerpt, and such a sweet origin for the kitten. <3