Saturday, May 16, 2020

Dealing With Criticism

Hello Readers!

Sorry, this post is late, life has been a bit crazy lately.


So many of us get put down when someones says something critical about something we've done. It hurts so bad. 

As a writer criticism is a very real thing. 
It's not easy to show someone your work, whether it be writing, drawing or whatever it is you struggle with. I get it. 

I remember the morning I got an email with comments about my novel. I sobbed. It was the end. I wanted to curl up in a ball and forget my miserable existence. I wanted to forget writing. Why try if I'm just going to fail? 

Clearly, in my mind, I was a horrible writer. 
No one would ever want to read this trash. 
I was a horrible person for daring to even think anyone would like my writing. 

I had forgotten that I wrote the book in one month. I forgot that I hadn't even really touched it editing wise. It was a mess. 

That was where I needed to start. 

Acknowledge I needed to learn.

I wasn't expected to do it right the first time. That's why I was taking the class, to begin with. 

Whether what you've been told is true or not, you can still learn from it. When you get down because of what someone said about you, or what you did, get back up. 

What have I learned?

1. You will (probably) never do it right the first time.
2. You are not an expert in everything, (granted, we may like to think that... It's not true, which leads me to my next point:) 
3. You can learn something from everyone. 
4. When you are down, get up. 
5. Make it better. 

After receiving comments on what you've done, evaluate your work. How can you make it better? Was there good ground for the comments made? What can you learn? Always have more than one opinion. Different people think differently (what a surprise!) 

I'm not going to say, stick it up, do better next time, make it better, without remembering what it's like to hurt. 

It's okay to cry. It's okay to take a day or two and not look at what you were working on. It's okay. I've been there, and I had to let myself cry. 

One more thing before I wrap this up. 

You are never a failure. Okay? A failure would be someone who just gives up after trying. If you put in a good faith effort and actively try to do your best. You are not a failure. Just because you need to learn, doesn't make you a failure. 

I hope this encourages you, it's something I've been learning and I'm sure everyone is still learning it. 

Mattie May 

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Dealing with Perfection

Hello Readers! 

I'm just gonna start out by saying that I'm not a perfectionist. My family will testify to that. But as I started writing, I realized that I have a perfectionist streak in me when it comes to writing. 

When I started the class to plan, draft, edit, and publish a novel I knew that it wouldn't be perfect. I knew it. I told myself that several times. Then it was the week before I had to publish and I realized how terrible my novel was. I had terrible grammar and several problems with clarity. 

I panicked. I stressed. I cried. 

I was totally overwhelmed I had no idea where to start or how to fix them. The stubborn streak in me wanted to do it alone, but that was impossible. 

I asked for help from a friend of mine who does editing. (R. M. Archer from Scribes and Archers) Honestly, she was amazing! She helped so much. I also had Edna Pellen from Bleeding Ink and Maple at Maple Quill Penning Magic They were all amazing! 

I published it a few days later after some intense editing. 

After I published, I finished reading to my family from the PDF I submitted to Amazon. I found several mistakes. I was horrified. 

I panicked again. I stressed again. I nearly cried again. 

Needless to say I was very upset at myself for not catching a few simple typos. 

What I've been learning:
1) Nothing is perfect. (Only God is perfect, and only He can create perfection)
2) I published my first novel before I turned 18. (For me that is a huge accomplishment even if it isn't perfect. Or as perfect as I want it.)
3) Not that Many People will read it. 
4) I can edit and republish later. 
5) I need to stop obsessing over minor mistakes. 

Well that all for today! What have you been learning about yourself? 

Mattie May

P. S. If you are ever looking for an editor I highly recommend R. M. Archer! You can check out what she has to offer here: R. M.Archer Editing Services

Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Hello Readers!

Things have slowed down quite a bit since I got published. Now that I've had more time to do things, I've been helping with some outside chores. One of those has been pulling the weeds out of the cracks of the driveway and other places. They seem to be everywhere. 

Many people use weeds as an illustration for sin. Weeds continually come back and are annoying... which fits. But I've been thinking...

I've begun to see weeds as what I should be. Here are my observations:

1. They are Relentless
I don't know about you, but they keep on coming back. No matter what you do, they come back. We need to be relentless; we need to come back to Jesus again and again. We need to keep growing, no matter what comes to pull us up or push us down.

2. They are Beautiful
Okay, lets face it, almost all weeds pretty. They are such a vibrant green. They have pretty flowers. Let's be beautiful for Jesus. 

3. They are Strong
Okay, some weeds are really easy just to yank up. Others, well, they just won't budge. We don't want to be easy to uproot. We need to be deeply rooted in Jesus. 

Well that's all for today y'all I hope that little thought blessed you.
Be a strong, relentless, beautiful weed for Jesus!

~Mattie May

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Why I Didn't Post Yesterday...

Hello Friends!

I usually try to post on Wednesday, and that didn't happen... 


Well, I had to finish up a big assignment... Really big... Which leads me to announce....

I have big news.... 

*insert epic drumroll* 

My debut novel Everlasting Gold is available on Amazon! 

You can get the paperback for $10 dollars here Everlasting Gold Paper Back

Or you can get the Kindle version here for $4.99 Everlasting Gold Kindle Version 

If y'all care to buy it I hope you enjoy it.
If y'all don't... well enjoy reading the lil' bit that Amazon allows and  I hope you enjoy looking at the cover ;P 


Mattie May, The Blossoming Writer

Wednesday, April 15, 2020


Hello Readers! 

Today I wanted to tell you something that you will read in my novel. It has to do with a kitten. I love kittens; they are sweet, fluffy and just all in all adorable, so of course, I had to put a kitten in my novel. 

I've had several kittens and cats in the past few years. A few have run away and a few have died. One of the hardest kitten deaths for me was a kitten called Pit-A-Pat, she was the cutest of the litter and was super sweet. I was really upset when I found out. My grandma suggested that I write about Pit-a-Pat to help calm me down. At the time, I just sobbed over a notepad and wrote everything I loved about that kitten. I had come to nickname her Pitter-Patter, because whenever I went into the carport, she would run up to me. 

When I was drafting my novel, I wanted to put something in there to remind me of Pitter-Patter, thus Raindrop was born. 

Raindrop is a combination of Pitter-Patter's colors and the personality or our other kitties, Black Donald and Teddy Bear. They both have sweet personalities and love to sit on laps. 

So now that I've told you all about sweet Raindrop you may read the excerpt below:

 "No one seemed to notice that Walter had left until Angie glanced around. “Where did Walter go?” She asked hesitantly.
“I’m right here,” he said coming from the direction of the road. He had a small box in his hand. “I just wanted to bring you all a little gift,” he said.
“Who me?” Angie asked, turning to him.
“Yes, Angie,” he said, as he passed her the box.
“May I open it Pa?” she asked.
“Yes, dear,” Philip replied. Angie set the box down and fell to her knees to open it. After breaking the loose seal, she pulled the lid off. A small meow told the rest of the onlookers what was inside. Angie reached into the box and pulled out a fluffy gray and white kitten. She gasped. Angie had never had any pets. Walter cleared his throat.
“I thought it might be useful to guard against the various rodents that we get around here,” he explained.
“I see,” Philip said, musing.
“What should I call her,” Angie asked, stroking the kitten’s soft fur.
“I don’t know Angie,” Josie said. “What color are her eyes?” she asked.
“They are blue, see” Angie said, holding the kitten up so her mother could look into its bright blue eyes.
“How about Raindrop,” Walter suggested, he had hoped whoever took over the mission would have a child so he could give them the sweetest kitten of the litter.

“I like that one,” Angie said, taking the ribbon out of her hair and using it as a toy for the kitten. “Do you like the name Raindrop,” she whispered to it. “I do, did you know that I am going to be a big sister soon? Yes, sir, a big sister,” she whispered to Raindrop. “Thank you,” she said, looking into Walter’s blue eyes."

Well, that's all for now, I'm planning on doing a cover reveal for my novel on Saturday. You can check it out at on my Facebook page The Blossoming Writer.

Mattie May, The Blossoming Writer

Monday, April 13, 2020

COVID19 + Blog Tag!

Hello Readers! 

This is a crazy time in our world. So many things are getting canceled or postponed, (like my wisdom teeth removal that was supposed to happen, wouldn't say I'm really disappointed about that though 😜). I am sad that my church is canceled, and that I can't just ask my friends if they want to hang out. 

Alright, onto the tag! 

My lovely friend and fellow blogger Maple at Maple Quill Penning Magic tagged me for the 'Social Distancing Support Tag.' So with no further ado...

The Rules:

1) Thank the blogger who tagged you and link back to them, as well as back to Within The Static
Thank you Maple! 🍁

2) Answer the tag questions

Will do!

3) Tag 3-5 bloggers

Serenity at Not So Enchanted Light

Rose at In The Shadows Saga

Sarah at The Sarcastic Elf

Penny Wood at Jane Austen's Lightsaber

The Questions:

1. What’s your current attitude toward COVID-19 and social distancing (honestly)?

I'm not sure yet, it really hasn't affected me that much... I'm usually bothered when it bothers my friends... and I wish I could be with them...

2. Has your schedule become busier or more open as a result of social distancing?

It hasn't changed a whole lot, besides piano and voice lessons being canceled... so more open I guess.

3. If you were public schooled before COVID hit, how has your experience with homeschooling been (whatever that looks like for you)?

I'm homeschooled already, so moving to the next question. 

4. If you were already homeschooled, how has COVID affected you or not?

Not much has changed... just the regular school... 

5. How are you staying connected with people?

I'm not really... I text a friend every so often... but she's busy... soooo I'm kinda on my own... but I do want to reach out to her and others more. 

6. How do you wish people would connect with you?

I think getting a letter, email, or just someone reaching out however they want to... just someone caring enough to show it. 

7. What has been the most difficult part of social distancing?

The most difficult would be having 'extra' time and not being able to share it with friends...

8. Have any blessings come out of it?

The blessings have been, hanging out as a family and finding new and different ways to spend time together. 

9. What’s been most encouraging to you through social distancing?

That God is always there, no matter what. 

10. Have you learned anything new or made any accomplishments during this time? (Even small ones)

Umm not yet, but if it keeps going I'll have a published book by the end sooo does that count???

11. Is there anything you want to achieve or learn or do before social distancing ends?

I'd like to do some reading... finish some books that got put on life hold. 

There ya go, hope you enjoyed!


Mattie May

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Spring Life!

Hello Friends!

This week is spring break! I wasn't planning on it, but I'm not complaining. Although I should clarify that spring is for my novel class... My sisters have been enjoying my free time and filling it with other school subjects... So that's fun... haha *nervous laugh* Okay... Not really, but it feels good to get things done. 

Last week, I had several additions to my family. We already had two dogs and several cats. Well, in about three week's time we have more than doubled our cat population... Yep, three momma kitties for a total of NINE kittens... 
My answer is, Want one??? haha, I really have no idea, probably give some to friends... Keep a few... *shrugs* who knows... 

The next addition, is fifteen chicks! I'm super excited about them. It's been forever since I last had chickens... *is flooded with memories* They are such fun birds... 

On Thursday we are planning on getting ducklings and oh my, am I excited! To see and hold the floofy babies! *warm fuzzies* 

Anyway, I'm continuing to work on my cover, I'm liking it and I can't wait to show it to you all soon!!!

Mattie May