Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Hello Readers!

Things have slowed down quite a bit since I got published. Now that I've had more time to do things, I've been helping with some outside chores. One of those has been pulling the weeds out of the cracks of the driveway and other places. They seem to be everywhere. 

Many people use weeds as an illustration for sin. Weeds continually come back and are annoying... which fits. But I've been thinking...

I've begun to see weeds as what I should be. Here are my observations:

1. They are Relentless
I don't know about you, but they keep on coming back. No matter what you do, they come back. We need to be relentless; we need to come back to Jesus again and again. We need to keep growing, no matter what comes to pull us up or push us down.

2. They are Beautiful
Okay, lets face it, almost all weeds pretty. They are such a vibrant green. They have pretty flowers. Let's be beautiful for Jesus. 

3. They are Strong
Okay, some weeds are really easy just to yank up. Others, well, they just won't budge. We don't want to be easy to uproot. We need to be deeply rooted in Jesus. 

Well that's all for today y'all I hope that little thought blessed you.
Be a strong, relentless, beautiful weed for Jesus!

~Mattie May

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